As urbanists we always return to holistic thinking about what our city requires to be good to those it serves. The work of Bjala Foundation is central to everything we do. Bjala Foundation's responsibilities fit into our ‘urban software’ thinking – how do PEOPLE interface with the built environment and how can we make that serve people better?

The Bjala Foundation spearheads:

  • Bringing high-quality, low-cost education to Jeppestown from ECD to Tertiary
  • Creating and sharing opportunities for work and skills development
  • Procuring public space improvements for leisure and personal and cultural expression
  • Creating opportunities for consultation, activism and participation building an area we all want to live in.

Bjala Foundation’s current projects are:

  • Education: Bjala’s goal is to ensure high quality, low cost education is available in Jeppestown from ECD to tertiary. We have dedicated 3500m2 of subsidised space in Bjala Square to housing education. Our Education partners are:
  • Streetlight Schools (open)
  • African School for Excellence (in pipeline)
  • Bjala Early Childhood development centre (in pipeline)