Bjala Locations 

Since spectacular rooftops and quirky urban spaces are a natural plus of Bjala’s work, we’ve activated a locations side-business to benefit the community as a fundraiser for our urban program initiatives. Events and shoots can be hosted on our amazing rooftops and spaces. Emkhathini on the Bjala rooftop is a developed event space with deck, catering facilities and incredible views – and that’s just the start of an incredible array of spaces. 

30% of all Bjala Locations business is re-invested in the Jeppe Community through our Urban Program projects such as Streetlight Schools Jeppe Park Primary, Helping Hands ECD, Umuzi etc. 

Our ambition is that local job opportunities stay local – so wherever possible all event staff and services are contracted locally. Our ethos and love of the city is reflected in all events and shoots we host on our rooftop – come join the magic!

To book, contact our locations partner UberExposure 

Office landline: 087 803 9324

Cell: 082 704 4079 (Matt) cc



We love The excitement, the early mornings- the smell of freshly brewed coffee, lights,  action! 

what already happened.... 



When you get to work with incredible photographers and the imagery that comes from that shoot blows your mind... Heres a sneak peak of Antonia Steyn's shoot on our 17 Roper Rooftop location... More to follow soon... 

A Truly Jeppe Wedding

Keeping with local is Nca! The venue was decorated with wooden trestle tables, oodles of naked bulbs- vibrant proteas, delicate fynbos, air plants and maidens hair. 

The classic ceremony was made all the more special, with the crooning and guitar playing of Soweto local, Mike the Musician. 

As the sun set, and the Paella flowed, the speeches began. For us this was when the real magic happened. 

Local Local Local. 

Bjala being the social enterprise that it is, only gave one rule during the creating and building of the Emkhathini. 

Local Local Local. 

That old saying, it takes a village to raise a child- well it takes a community to build a kick ass venue. 

From the electricians (Terence from the fantastic T3 electrical) to the artists (Noland and Terry Stevens) to the gardening team- Mike Chitowe)-  All key people involved in making our rooftop beautiful and relevant to Jeppestown, were Jeppestown Residents.

a Cecilian Affair

An event that creates a better understanding of what we are doing in Jeppestown is always so wonderful- Even the impending rain didnt stop the curiosity and genuine interest from the client. We go to speak about the true cause of Bjala, of how we are trying to make healthier cities for our community- and that was wonderful. 

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Urban Immersion

Immersion events are what we are all about. So when our friends at Future Growth contacted us about an immersion event at Bjala Square, we were thrilled to assist. 

Events like this give us the opportunity to showcase the best of Bjala- from our NPO's to our incubation projects- community projects and more. 

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1000 Drawings

Last year, 1000 Drawings raised over R100 000 for education, thanks to the incredible generosity of Jozi creatives, suppliers and volunteer supporters.  These funds were donated to Streetlight Schools and have enabled them to build 6 new classrooms an auditorium, a kitchen and an office space.