Core to Bjala's citizenship model is creating a transformative and empowering educational reality in Jeppestown. Education is one of Bjala’s highest focus points in its application through the citizenships model. Bjala invests significantly in education partnerships and is concerned with understanding the areas demands for education. Bjala has created a program which invests in and aims to attract innovative high quality education service providers into West-Jeppe. Bjala has achieved this by allocating significant resource and space for education purposes across the educational path. Bjala has successfully partnered with education partners starting at Early childhood development right through to tertiary level providers. This education reality now exists in Jeppestown where it didn’t before. 


"When the lights went out at home because her mother wasn’t able to pay the bill, Judy would move to the pavement to finish her homework under a streetlight. Today Judy is a graduate of Columbia University, and a Mandela Rhodes scholar. She recently bought her mother a new home. But it all started under that streetlight. At Streetlight Schools we want to be the point of light for learners in South Africa, and make the right to education directly accessible."

 Streetlight Schools has designed a low-cost, innovative primary school model to address the achievement shortfall in primary education in South Africa. Our unique approach focuses on enquiry, collaboration, exploration, relevance and the use of technology to teach and learn.