By developing housing products in high density Urban cities, Bjala aims to improve quality of life by reducing time and distance spent in transit between home and places of work and catalysing opportunities to offer local jobs to local labour. During 2015 Bjala mainly through construction, Bjala created 190 verifiable jobs, stimulating the local economy in Johannesburg CBD. 


"We are a city space with views for days and a heart of gold. Our ethos and love of the city is reflected in all events we host on our rooftop- we believe in giving back - 30 percent of all profits go to our local NPO's- and the cherry on top of this ice cream Sunday? All our staff work and live in our building and the surrounding area- so not only do you get to have a kick ass event but you get to be a part of our city Eco system- creating in essence- a citizenship for all Jeppe residents. How cool is that?"

At the heart of The Emkhathini lies the Bjala foundation. More than being an events venue with the best views in Joburg, we take 30 percent of the profits from your awesome event and hand it over to the Bjala foundation, who in turn allocates the fund between our NPO’s. What this means is, by you coming to Jeppe and having a good time, you are also doing good.

A few other ways in which we assist our community through events- Ample job opportunity for local Jeppestown residents. From ushers, to waitresses, to set up and strike teams- all our staff work, live and thrive in the Jeppestown area.

Unique apprentice opportunities, whereby established businesses (such as catering companies, photographers, craft bar companies and more-) take our residents on as scholars, teaching them the in’s and out’s of their particular business- with the overall end result being, that our local community can eventually supply us with all our eventing catering, bar, entertainment and décor needs.